The Opening of the Warringah Art Exhibition was a wonderful night. With my children along as dates we had a wonderful time checking out all the varied and fabulous pieces on display. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits at the mid winter celebration of talent, and we had the good fortune to meet some wonderful artists and their friends/family. Among them Meredith Rasdall, a very talented artist, famous on the Northern Beaches and beyond for being the driving force behind Art Fest - the fantastic, bi annual, children's art festival which is on again this year!

Trinderella Arrives, the name I gave my piece, stood tall and elegant among the other works and got lots of lovely attention. I happened to be wearing one of my tie skirts and it tipped people off as to which piece I was associated with which meant I had the chance to talk with lots of interested patrons and answer their questions about her creation. A nice bonus indeed! 

Meanwhile the kids made sure they sampled all the delicious finger food going around, and I mean ALL! What a great night!